Remnant Ecologies

Remnant Ecologies is the name of a series of works developed by Jony Easterby. It is an artists’ response to a growing anxiety regarding our relationship within the natural world.

The real and existential threat of human led ecosystem breakdown, extinction narratives and the unfolding cataclysm of climate change has been Jony Easterby’s companion for many years, forcing a response that both celebrates and highlights our connection with nature.
His own academic and empirical studies in landscape design, botany, ecology and silviculture have simultaneously inspired and burdened the artist. In Remnant Ecologies he is trying to make sense of a world, in which a passion for nature is mixed with an anxiety for its future.

‘One of the burdens of an ecological education is that one lives alone in a world of wounds.’ Aldo Leopold, author & ecologist

The paradox of our relationship with nature within the anthropocene is that the joy of our interaction with a physical and ecological reality is tarnished by a melancholy and longing for not only what has been lost, but what we fear we will lose.