King River Queen River.

A Tryptich video shot at the confluence of the King and Queen River in Queenstown, Western Tasmania, during a residency at LARQ 2011,. Highlighting the dynamic struggle between
polluted and wild rivers.
Shown as part of Powerplant at The. Royal Botanic Gardens Hobart .Tasmania 10 days on the Island Festival. 2011
Created during residency at LARQ. Landscape Art Research Tasmania. Queenstown.
The Queen River (LHS) has been polluted by the waste tailings from decades of copper mining at the Mount Lyall mine Queenstown.
100 million tons of tailings have been dumped into the river i,t will take hundreds of years to heal itself.
The Queen has such high acidity that it cannot sustain either plant or invertebrate life.
This has also run off into the King River killing most of the life in this beautiful wild river.

Filming at the confluence of the King and heavily polluted Queen River. Western Tasmnia