Carrilon Shadows

Jony Easterby’s Carillon Shadows took place in West Bromwich at The Public’s Black Gallery as part of its Art Of Noise programme. It consisted of 24 channels of analogue triggered, kinetic sculptures that created a shifting montage of automated sound and light, responding also to the movement and behaviour of visitors to the gallery.


“Easterby adapts the numinous aura of the bell-tower carillon to the enchanting possibilities activated by hi-tech electronic sensors set within the primal spookiness of a darkened room. His work is organic and dreamlike, almost oceanic in its intimations of delicately rippling worlds engulfed by the massive forces of nature. Engaging with an Easterby installation involves a degree of childlike wonderment, like one gets from staring at waves in the sea or flames in the fire. We seem to be ready programmed to respond and Easterby well knows it”


Robert Clark
The Guardian 29th October 2011